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Echo Delta - Soundescape

by Echo Delta

Eveninescape 07:10
Jūra 09:40
Pianosphere 11:00
Mediatrix 06:27
Sanum 09:38
Pristinus 09:11


The idea of this ambient album matured for quite a long time. The oldest compositions were made more than a decade ago (yet the newest is just several days old), some of these were my first attempts at making music altogether. You could suppose that an album which took such a long time to finish must be somewhat monumental – but clearly it is not. Just like reveries from distant past – it‘s a collection of contingent impressions, (almost lost) fragments of experience, the tiniest moments of life, captured, saved and translated into language of the sound. This album signifies an important stage of my life – a stage that was marked by a lot of darkness and escapism but which (thankfully) eventually came to an end. As a new chapter unfolds I have to admit that this might very well be my last album...

If this decade has taught me anything (especially the last several years), it is probably this: Time is running, wake up! Life is very short, super fragile and there‘s no going back, so don‘t take things for granted, appreciate it. Death is really much closer than you think – how ready you think you are to face the Unknown? How comfortable are you with the Big questions? Nowadays we‘re bombarded with all sorts of distractions but the imperative of our times is to rediscover the real values and to set our priorities straight; learn to accept the hardships and painful sides of it as well – eventually you grow, you grow to see the bigger picture, you get to see the pieces come together, eventually it will make sense – not only the nicest, brightest, but also the most painful, lonely, darkest parts as well. There are many things to learn, unlearn, rethink and change – about yourself and about the world.

Someone once said that “the greatest art is made when the artist doesn‘t feel a solid ground beneath his feet“. There might not be anything great about any of this, but there‘s definitely a fair bit of weightlessness involved. And when the soulcrushing weight and madness of the world comes at your door – escaping to the landscapes of the sound might sometimes be the best resort.


released March 21, 2022

Cover artwork by Karina Surpina


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Cold Tear Records Lithuania

Dub Techno, Techno and Ambient label

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